Our Online Marketplace Is
Exceptional Due to Its Marketing
Promotions and Customer Engagement.

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Online Marketplace for Suppliers and Service Providers

We designed an online marketplace for our clients to help independent suppliers and service providers close profitable business deals in various industries.

Location: Austria
Industry: Online sales
Technologies: Flutter, WordPress, CSS3

Online Marketplace

It won’t be an overstatement to say that the concept of an online marketplace has changed the world economy. They offer real convenience, discounts, a wide range of choices, and real-time information about products to consumers. At the same time, they solve the sales and marketing issues for businesses and reduce their costs. Online marketplace startups often find great success and manage to change the status quo on the market.

Online Marketplace

Fresh Insight Into Ecommerce

What makes our client, so exceptional is that they support new social forms of businesses such as commercial events and business campaigns. These events benefit the community by helping them make more money or hire a specialist for a private or special function. Commercial events offer a broad range of benefits, such as theatre or music events, sports events, and other forms of entertainment.

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Innovative Marketing Strategies

We were faced with a comprehensive promotion program that would deal with many aspects of sales and marketing. Yet, the primary keyword we pursued in this project was “user engagement” because highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and show more loyalty. As a strategy to increase customers’ engagements with the online marketplace, It financially encourages users to rate companies’ presented services, making comments and reports, along with playing some devised lucky games.


As a result of providing a high-quality customer experience that we design, Our client has managed to increase Its partner businesses’ revenues, improve their marketing and sales strategies, and lower their trade costs. At the same time, our client has attracted a lot of customers due to Its fascinating offers.

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