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Founded in 2017, Greensoft is a full-stack software development company providing solutions based on smart designs, agile methods, and innovation. We built our culture on dedication, trust, integrity, and an aim for excellence. We work on a global level with companies of all sizes–from small businesses to large corporations. Startups are our primary interest since we are truly passionate about transforming brilliant ideas into profitable products. We help early-stage startups to be flexible, adaptive, and responsive in the fast-changing market.


In-house or External Team

Today, more than ever, startups rely on the digital environment to grow. Developing these digital assets by a large in-house team often consumes more time and money than originally planned — delaying product launches and potentially threatening the viability of a startup. If you outsource your work to an external team of well-experienced developers, you will save a significant amount of time and money.

Privacy and Security Issues

Launching a digital product is just the beginning of your online business journey. After developing and launching a new product, you may feel more need for technological updates in an ever-changing digital world. Providing post-launch support and maintenance is a more crucial task, which can help a startup increase its efficiency and boosting its productivity.

Is Post-launch Support Necessary?

Cybersecurity risks are a common issue among startups. A security flaw can destroy a startup’s business operations, leak its private data, and put its reputation at stake. A trusted security partner can offer services around the web and email security, cloud security, data security, and device security, helping startups fill all security gaps and prevent all risks.

Can money be a problem?

Startups heavily rely on financial backups such as investors, and when the cash flow stops, they have serious problems. But Greensoft believes that Investing in your dreams doesn’t have to be costly. We make it easy for you to bring your ideas to life. Giving a price estimation will let you know what we can build within your budget.

Delivering Business Value for Startups


Every successful startup is based on a brilliant idea and a clear vision. So, we gather every practical detail about your fresh initiative, which helps us understand your business as deeply as possible. This ensures the results of our solution are what you desire. We will also evaluate the idea, test its potential, optimize it, and develop beneficial suggestions.


Project Scope

We need to take lots of considerations into account to transform a startup idea into a successful enterprise story. So, we take our time to carry out a qualified business analysis to know your startup needs, challenges and opportunities, potential customers, competitors, and goals. We will create a clear roadmap that takes us from where we are to where we want to be.



We start by designing a prototype to come up with a tangible model of the solutions. It helps the developing team visualize the ultimate solution and recognize missing but essential functionality or awkward workflow. Here, the focus is on an effective UX/UI design to give us invaluable insights into how an end-user engages with the end product.



Our skilled team of talented developers, along with dedicated project managers and quality assurance engineers, will start working on your project. We use the latest tools and follow the most effective practices to deliver your project based on the project’s milestones during the project scoping phase. The process also includes building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This model offers more scalability to the ideas and checks their viability by creating a minimum of features and functionalities.


Product Launch

After your project is successfully developed and deployed, you can run several rounds of end-to-end system testing to verify that we have delivered a robust, cohesive product. Our team ensures that not even a single small step in developing our IT solution remains untouched before the final delivery. We are committed to delivering products that will meet or even exceed your initial requirements.


Support and Enhancement

We stand behind our work. Our support includes comprehensive IT support for your startup, preserving the quality of the product. We add extra features and functions, keep it up to date, boosting its usability, performance, and reliability. Our methodology for maintenance and enhancements is the one we follow for development–a backlog of items, a review of priorities, the establishment of milestones, and sprint planning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of mobile apps for startups?

People are using mobile devices more and more each day. Some advantages are 1. Connecting to potential customers is much easier through app 2. helping marketing campaigns and promotions with push notifications

How long will it take to make my app?

Depending on the complexity of your app and the stage you’re in, it could take around 6 to 7 months from ideation to product launch.

How much does it cost to build a mobile application for startups?

The cost of the app depends on many factors, such as the number of features you want to have in your mobile app or the type of app you need. We will give you a free quote once we know exactly what you have in mind.

How Would I protect my App Idea?

We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure you we care about your privacy so you can protect your idea.

What is the difference between startup and enterprise app development?

When developing something for startups, most process management is done quickly and by Agile methodology. But enterprises and corporations usually use mature systems that use traditional management methods.

How can Greensoft help with your startup?

Founded in 2017, Greensoft is a full-stack software development company providing solutions based on smart designs, agile methods, and innovation. We built our culture on dedication, trust, integrity, and an aim for excellence.

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