How to Optimize Your Method of Traditional Marketing

How to Optimize Your Method of Traditional Marketing

Regardless of what industry you are in and what kind of product or service your business offers, one thing universally rings true: you cannot expect to get far without getting the word out about your business.

Every business needs to have an effective marketing strategy whose aim is to place them in front of the right audience.

While most people would unanimously agree that in 2021, digital tools rule the world, saying that traditional marketing is dead would be inaccurate, to say the least. As long as you consider your target demographic, certain traditional methods can even be more effective than digital ones. In addition, print ads may work better than those seen on a screen, according to studies.

If you are thinking about implementing traditional marketing in your operations, here are the types that still work well today and what you need to know about them.

How to Optimize Your Method of Traditional Marketing

  • Phone calls and emails
  • Print ads
  • Networking
  • Billboards
  • Broadcasting
  • Local sponsorship

1.Phone calls and emails

The first traditional marketing method worth mentioning is directly contacting your prospective clients or customers. Naturally, you shouldn’t just start calling random numbers. Unsolicited calls are often not appreciated, especially by younger generations. However, using these means of communication to follow up with a prospective client is a fantastic way of showing how much you care about and value each and every single one of your clients. Nurturing client relationships is just as important as acquiring new customers, if not more. Giving a call to someone who showed interest in your brand is a great way to remind them about your business and establish a meaningful connection.

If you’re still not ready to start dialing numbers, you can also use email and snail mail marketing in a similar way. Email marketing is notably affordable, while snail mail is catching up once again since people generally receive less mail nowadays.

2.Print ads

Print ads are perhaps the best example of still living traditional marketing methods. As opposed to billboards and broadcasting, they are more affordable, so smaller businesses can find solutions that fit their needs, too. While regular newspaper ads may not be enticing, print ads actually provide the perfect way of reaching a niche audience. Instead of general publications, aiming for industry-specific magazines has a great potential of placing your ad right in front of your ideal customers.

However, magazine ads are not all there is to print ads. From flyers, through brochures all the way to banners, there are numerous ways of advertising your brand. Combine printed brochures with direct mail, or go for mesh banners and get spotted from afar.


Like many other traditional marketing methods, networking relies on the power of human interaction. You may think that networking primarily serves to establish business relations with those in your industry, but networking can also work as a marketing tool. What you need to do is to use opportunities where you can approach your target audience and communicate with them. For instance, relevant trade shows and expos provide the perfect opportunity to put up your banners and boost your brand awareness, both among prospective clients and among other businesses. You can even organize your own get-together. Printed marketing tools like brochures and business cards are a crucial complement to this marketing method.

Face-to-face interaction is undoubtedly the most direct way to relay your message but it’s not always possible. Luckily, nowadays, virtual meetings serve much the same purpose without sacrificing too much of the effectiveness.


Billboards are as ubiquitous as ever, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The reason for this is simple: large signs in busy areas will inevitably be seen by a large number of people, and they can’t simply click away, like in the case of digital ads. Naturally, this also makes billboards one of the pricier traditional marketing methods that may not be available to smaller businesses.

Note that it’s not only the ad space that you need to pay for. An effective billboard needs to have a clever design that communicates a lot mainly through pictures and just a few words. Designing such a billboard requires a lot of expertise.


The internet still hasn’t completely taken over broadcasting. While streaming services have been seeing steady growth, especially during the pandemic last year, network and cable TV still account for the majority of time people spend watching television. This means that your broadcast ads still have a wide reach. That said, whether they reach the right people entirely depends on your target audience. According to a survey, half of those who exclusively watch cable TV are above 60 years old. If your product is for an older audience, a television ad is a much more effective way of reaching them than any digital marketing campaign.

Cable TV is not the only way to broadcast your message; in the era of iTunes and Spotify, we still must not forget about radio stations. As opposed to television, radio ads are a great way to reach a general audience, since not only specific demographics listen to the radio. Still, some level of targeting is also possible if you keep the radio program schedule in mind.

Finally, the last traditional marketing method you should not disregard is local sponsorship. Businesses that depend a lot on a local customer pool can immensely benefit from boosting their presence at local events. In addition, sponsorship is truly a win-win. You have the freedom to decide what event or even team to sponsor and reach the right audience this way. At the same time, your local community receives the support it needs in exchange for an ad spot.

Another benefit of local sponsorship is that it’s available to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can also contribute without breaking the bank by sponsoring only a specific aspect of the event.


In a world where everyone is glued to their phones, you might be wondering whether traditional marketing is still worth it. As you can see, the short answer is yes. If you disregard traditional methods and consider them obsolete, you might be missing out on a considerable client pool, even today. Some methods may work better in some industries than others.

At the end of the day, every business needs to come up with the appropriate combination of digital and traditional marketing methods that works for them. Only then will they be able to maximize the true potential of marketing.