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Why You Should Be Utilising Nostalgia Marketing

The past is a powerful thing, it evokes memories and emotions in us like nothing else. It makes us excited to see something from our past crop up in our present, like a toy or TV show from childhood.

We’re excited to hear about a beloved series from when we were younger getting a reboot, or when a brand re-releases their first-ever product. It awakens this childlike wonder and glee within us that we’ll do anything to support the brand.

In a time when the world has been shut down, turning back to the media we held dear as a kid has been one of the things that have gotten us through it. Pokémon cards and Animal Crossing saw a resurgence as everyone needed that bit of happiness those same things used to give us. So, how can you harness the power of nostalgia in your marketing strategies?

Nostalgia marketing is the process of tapping into familiar concepts from the past to develop a deeper sense of trust with your audience. It’s a way to promote your brand’s new ideas and a method of injecting life into your marketing campaigns. Through this, you’re associating your brand with a concept your audience already knows and loves.

People are twenty-two times more likely to remember a story over a fact. So, telling a story through a nostalgic lens can mean big things for your brand marketing efforts. You can utilize those tethers we all have to our past and bring your target audience into the present by explaining your brand’s value in a memorable way that captures hearts and attention.

To start with, you’ve got to do your research. The last thing you want to be doing is delivering a campaign that has no relevance to your target consumer. What matters to millennials will be different from the things those in Gen X will hold dear. You’ve also got to consider if the nostalgic road you’re going for works with your brand and/or product. If it doesn’t make sense, the campaign won’t take off.

Pay attention to the little things to show that you are genuine in your efforts. Consumers can tell when a brand has not taken the time to really care about what they’re marketing, and instead are looking to make a quick buck.

By researching and understanding the nostalgic concept you’re going with, from the use of colors and fonts, can make the world of difference to your audience.

Your audience is your best asset, so spending time conducting some social monitoring and listening will help inform what they’re looking for. Which movies have made a comeback recently? Which TV shows? Are they looking at fashion from the 70s or 90s? How can you adapt that for your marketing?

There are always so many conversations happening on social media and keeping your ear to the ground of what’s trending is essential. Every day there are new challenges cropping up on all platforms, but namely, Instagram and TikTok, and as a brand, you won’t need a massive budget to take part in these.

What’s been done before? Has another company successfully or unsuccessfully released its own nostalgic campaign? Take a look at how it was received, and what you can learn from either their strong points or weaker areas to make your own ideas a hit. There will be an area of your company history that you’ll be able to expand upon and add in those nostalgic elements, you just have to search for it.

Don’t shy away from the #TBT, embrace it and you’ll see the rewards. Looking back on the past brings a sense of warmness and familiarity, shining your brand in a positive light and forming strong connections with your audience, boosting those all-important brand awareness and loyalty elements.

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Source: digitalagencynetwork.com