Outsourcing Software Development Challenges and Opportunities

Outsourcing Software Development:
Challenges and Opportunities

Why Outsourcing Software Development Is a Must for IT Companies?

The software development lifecycle, which encircles everything from planning to development to testing and support, is complicated to navigate. At each stage of the process, IT and business teams encounter difficulties. 

For example, one step might take longer than expected and delay the entire project, or the in-house team might lack the necessary expertise in a specific area. As a result, it can be tempting to sidestep some of those challenges by outsourcing one or more activities.

Options for outsourcing software development are sufficient. What’s more, certain phases of the software development lifecycle are easier to outsource. Testing is the most common use of outsourcing, as when a company focuses its staff on the dev work while an external group conducts testing on a parallel track. Other phases, too, can be peeled away. For example, work on requirements, design, and event planning can go to a vendor. These decisions can add speed and fill gaps in knowledge. Still, a company will want to define the project so that the results are in line with expectations.

Outsourcing Software Development

What to Consider in an Outsourcing Firm

Traditional IT saw a project as a series of steps, with phases dedicated to each activity: planning, design, development, and so on, making outsourcing software development almost impossible at the time. In modern software development, the Agile management approaches dramatically compact those steps. A project that could have once taken months can be delivered in hours because phases can now be viewed as activities, blurring the difference between roles. That’s why organizations accustomed to Agile management methods might find it difficult to outsource some of those phases of the software development process. Yet, before we move ahead with outsourcing software development, we should consider the model of engagement.

Managed services would be the most straightforward approach in outsourcing software development: You turn over a particular task to a vendor, and that vendor becomes fully responsible for the project. Outsourcing vendors specializing in developing, testing, or related activities in the software process can be helpful and cost-effective. And, because they help many customers, an outside firm should have the experience and skills to take projects and quickly deliver. To manage a project done by an outsourcing company, real-time dashboards with detailed data are greatly more helpful than a weekly or monthly slideshow update. Software development outsourcing can be a powerful tool to use when you understand how your IT strategy will enable its business strategy; be sure to define your expectations carefully.

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