Role of Information Technology in the Pandemic Era

Role of Information Technology
in the Pandemic Era

The New Normal

The Pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital for many businesses and emphasized the significance of technology and digital innovations in the advancement– forced or otherwise –of organizations across all industries. It has changed many priorities and created a new reality in its wake, but it hasn’t altered the need to deploy intelligent outsourcing strategies.

Many companies realized that they had to become more digital more quickly if they wanted to survive. Still, only those who could facilitate remote work on short notice could limit the effect of the Pandemic on their operations. In addition to ensuring that employees working from home could operate crucial business processes, such as cash, companies shifted to online marketing, selling, and service delivery for the foreseeable future.
As they were facing with challenges of these digital transitions, many companies turned to IT service providers— those that provide technical knowledge of digital technology as well as business consulting— for support then and have been expanding their relationships with them to survive a crisis and, at the same time, make the necessary changes to stay ahead of the field in the aftermath. Yet, some companies focused on developing in-house capabilities by providing accommodations, access to food 24-7, stable broadband connections, and, later, regular COVID-19 testing.

Interestingly, companies whose service providers were affected by the crisis had to slow down transformation projects. Thus, many companies are very likely to renegotiate outsourcing contracts. The areas for future discussion will likely be changes in the contractual terms and conditions, pricing structure, delivery model, and scope of providers’ services. At the same time, an almost massive proportion of companies anticipate greater dependence on IT service providers in the future. That’s particularly true of companies accelerating or rethinking transformation agendas.

Pandemic life

What Will Post-Pandemic Future Look Like?

The novel virus has changed the working world for good in 2020, where companies are focusing more on deliveries, digital methods, and cloud-based infrastructure. However, these changes are not limited to companies as customers’ perceptions are entirely different now.

So will these changes be permanent? How much of them will we see after the Pandemic?
One thing is clear: It will never be the same.
Companies have spent a lot of money on remote work infrastructures, so it would be foolish to throw that all away after the Pandemic. Additionally, Everyone has got used to remote work collaboration tools, learned how to deal with them, and on top of that, we’ve had a year of experiment with them.

The environmental benefits of remote work are also worth considering. One has been the ease of driving roadways, even in parts of the city full of traffic jams. There are literally no people on the streets, cars on the road, planes in the sky, or industries at work in some countries.

With all that being said, No one expects remote works to be permanent at the scale we have now, but they’re definitely will be employers who work remotely after the Pandemic.

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